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Welcome to Vehicle Inspection Systems

As the foremost provider of Service Automation equipment, Vehicle Inspection Systems is pleased to welcome you to our website. Our products and services have proven over nearly two decades our commitment to provide quality equipment and solutions to fleets, service providers and enforcement agencies. Step inside our site and learn how VIS can help you automate tasks, improve accuracy and efficiency, and make our highways safer.

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The VIS-Shine’s Launch at M.A.T.S. 2015 Draws Successful Feedback

(Orlando, FL) During the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY almost two weeks ago, Vehicle Inspection Systems premiered and launched its newest product, the VIS-Shine. The VIS-Shine is the first made in America product from VIS to support the trucking and transportation industry in easy on truck...Read more >

VIS Awarded 2014 AIT Worldwide Logistics Diamond Customer Award

(Orlando, FL) Vehicle Inspection Systems is honored and proud to accept the 2014 AIT Worldwide Logistics Diamond Customer Award for international shipping. The AIT Diamond Customer Award is rewarded annually to AIT customers with continued support and business with the company. Since 2007, VIS has partnered exclusively with...Read more >

VIS Launches First Made In USA Portable, On-Truck Wheel Polishing System

(Orlando, FL) Mark Keegans, Vice President of Vehicle Inspection Systems is pleased to announce the introduction of their first product made in the United States of America, the VIS-Shine. The VIS-Shine is a portable on truck aluminium wheel polishing system designed to polish truck and bus wheels that...Read more >

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