Fully Automated Wheel Polishing System

VIS-Polish is a fully automated wheel polishing system featuring a new sectional sanding function.

VIS POLISH can do the following:

    • Sand the whole wheel or just sections with our sectional sanding software!
    • Tire on/tire off
    • 30-60 min/wheel
    • 19.5, 22.5, 24.5 super singles and wide base steers
    • Special Bead Cleaning cycle included.
    • Can generate up to 60% gross profit
    • Increase vehicle’s resale value
    • Great additional revenue stream.
    • No full time operator required to run the machine.
    • Small footprint.
    • Will create additional revenue opportunities in other parts of your business (service, tires etc.).
What is VIS-Polish?

VIS-Polish is a robotic wheel polishing system that restores aluminum truck and bus rims to mirror finish. The VIS-Polish quickly refurbishes road-weary wheels to reveal any hidden damage before a wheel can break.

Why do owners want to keep their rims polished?
    • Safety-oxidize rims camouflage cracks while polished rims reveal dangerous defect
    • Pride- a well polished vehicle communicates the pride of the owner or community where the vehicle operatea
    • Resale -a well polished vehicle demands a higher price on the resale market
Why use a VIS-Polish instead of manual labor?

The VIS-Polish gives its owner the following competitive advantages:

    • Safer by reducing manual labor
    • Lower cost – VIS-Polish is automated and uses less labor
    • Better quality – VIS-Polish produces a deeper, long lasting shine
    • Safety – VIS-Polish contains moving parts and dust or residue from cleaning and polishing process
    • Capacity – VIS-Polish can polish 2-4 times more rims per day, and never takes a break

Truck Dealer

Boost resale value of used vehicles and build customer loyalty.


Improve fleet safety and strengthen fleet pride.

Tire Shop

Expand customer services and add a new revenue stream.

Detail Shops

Complement chrome shop sales and reduce labor costs.

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