• Automated Brake Test Test foundation brakes to federal requirements
  • Road Simulator Recreate road conditions safely in the shop
  • Fast Diagnostics Find brake, steering and suspension issues in minutes, not hours
  • Complete Business Plan Mentoring, marketing and leads included
  • The Bottom Line Great ROI
What is VIS-Check?

VIS-Check is a diagnostic machine that checks the brakes, steering and suspension of heavy trucks, then produces a Safety and Efficiency Report to guide maintenance activities.

Why focus on undercarriage diagnostics?

The undercarriage of a vehicle is where the weight of a vehicle meets the road. Safety, fuel economy and tire life are all compromised if undercarriage components are not in top working condition.

Why use a machine to perform undercarriage diagnostics?

The VIS-Check machine makes performing undercarriage diagnostics:

  • Safer by reducing manual labor
  • Faster by automating brake testing
  • Traceable by producing an inspection report
  • More accurate by improving inspection methods

Repair Shops

Boost revenue, lower costs and build customer loyalty.

Truck Fleets

Improve vehicle up-time and driver satisfaction. Reduce big four operating costs.


Improve inspector safety, testing speed and accuracy.

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