VIS-Polish for Tire Shops

Expand customer services and add a new revenue stream

  • The VIS-Polish System introduces a new level of service to your customers. By adding very little time to a tire replacement or repair job, customers can get their wheels inspected and polished to a deep, long lasting shine.
  • Because the VIS-Polish System has automated the polishing process, a single operator can perform both tire maintenance and polishing tasks at the same time. The increased value adds practically no additional labor.
  • Pre-polished wheels to be used in an exchange program increase the revenue potential for the tire shop and offers customers an opportunity to save time and money while improving the image of their vehicles.
  • The VIS-Polish System generates customer loyalty by providing a valuable, premium service and giving owners a reason to come back to your shop.
  • Creates a competitive advantage in your service, offering a wheel end management program for your fleet customers.

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