VIS-Polish for Fleets

Improve truck fleet safety and strengthen fleet pride

  • The VIS-Polish System lets fleets quickly evaluate and inspect aluminum wheels for hidden damage.  A simple sanding cycle will reveal any hidden cracks or imperfections on a wheel that might lead to failure.
  • Public image is also enhanced with the use of a VIS-Polish System. A clean vehicle with polished wheels give customers and the general public the impression of quality and an organization who cares about equipment maintenance and safety.
  • Regular use of a VIS-Polish System will increase wheel life, improve safety and even boost vehicle resale value when it is time to sell your vehicles. Public and private truck fleets know that image matters.
  • Gives drivers the satisfaction of knowing that you truly care about the condition of your wheels. Let them ride with pride.

Maintaining the wheels on your truck fleet is an important part of ensuring safety for your drivers and other road users. In order to ensure the safety of your fleet, it is important to establish a routine and consistent wheel maintenance program.

Polished wheel rims provide better grip for the truck, allowing it to handle more easily and safely in wet or icy conditions. This improved grip can help the driver to maintain better control of the vehicle, making it easier to avoid potential accidents. Another benefit of polished wheel rims is that they can help to reduce brake dust, which can build up on the wheel rims and reduce stopping power. This type of dust can also be hazardous if it is ingested or inhaled, so reducing the amount of brake dust can help to keep truck drivers and other road users safe. Polished wheel rims can also help to improve the overall aesthetic of the truck, making it look more professional and presentable. This can be beneficial for businesses who want their trucks to be noticed on the roads, as well as making a good impression on customers.

Learn more about our automated wheel rim polishing machine that refurbishes and restores aluminum truck and bus wheel rims.

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