VIS-Polish vs. VIS-Shine: Which One Suits You Better?

VIS offers 2 main pieces of truck wheel polishing equipment, the VIS-Shine and the VIS-Polish. Many of our customers wonder which one will be a better fit for them. We’re here to explore which unit could be ideal for you.

Choosing the right polishing unit for your truck(s) is important. Ask yourself questions like how many wheels do you need to or have the potential to polish, and how often will you be using the polishing unit. Whether you are polishing just your truck’s wheels or entire fleets, you will find value in our equipment, as long as you invest in the right units.

Here is the explanation of the differences between VIS-Polish and the VIS-Shine to help you make the right decision.

• The VIS-Polish is an automated unit and does not need attention until the wheel or consumables need to be changed out.

• Anyone can operate the VIS-Polish easily. The design is user-friendly, and thus, does not need knowledge of the polishing—it is designed in such a way that even children as young as 12 can operate. However, the VIS-Shine needs someone with polishing knowledge to operate it.

• The Vis-Polish has a sanding option to bring back wheels that are road weary. The VIS-Shine maintains a wheel when it is polished and in good shape.

• The VIS-Polish is a great machine for someone that has a steady supply of wheels to polish. The VIS-Shine is more of a maintenance tool that can be a good option for an owner-operator or small fleets with fewer wheels to maintain.

All these are the main difference. However, we recommend a conversation with a VIS representative today to see if the VIS-Polish or VIS-Shine would be a good fit for you!

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