How The VIS-Polish Can Help You Prevent Accidents

The wheels of a truck are probably the most important parts of the entire structure. Yet somehow, they are one of the worst treated parts. There is this general feeling that wheels need not be cleaned and maintained. Most fleet owners think that they can simply get them replaced after a few years and everything will be as good as new. This is however, far from the actual truth. The condition of the wheels of your truck is an indication of how much wear and tear your fleet has been through. Paying close attention to these small details can help you save a lot of money.

Revealing Cracks

Trucks drive through terrible conditions many a time, especially during long hauls. The wheels go through immense wear and tear, and need to be re-conditioned in order to keep operating smoothly. Cleaning aluminum rims regularly helps to prevent accidents from happening. The VIS-Polish system is a machine that polishes wheels and makes them shine like new. During this process, all the dirt, grime, rust, etc. are sanded away and the wheels are refurbished. This helps to reveal any hidden cracks or damages that are usually not visible to the naked eye. Cracks can be very dangerous if they aren’t spotted and dealt with in time.

Safety is Important

Since an operative is required to hoist the wheels onto the VIS-Polish system, the machine is fitted with a safety mechanism that ensures that the operative is safe from harm. The system is completely enclosed and the wheels get refurbished inside. Cleaning aluminum rims is now extremely simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. The quality of the VIS-Polish is seen in the long lasting and deep shine on the rims. The system is also highly efficient and is capable of operating without breaks.

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