The VIS-Check is a diagnostic machine that checks the brakes, steering and suspension of heavy trucks, transit buses, school buses, motor homes and more. At the end of the inspection, it produces a “Safety and Efficiency Report” to guide and assist the service technician’s maintenance activities.


Features of the VIS-Check:

  • Automated brake testing
  • Foundation brakes are tested to general requirements specified by the DOT and CVSA
  • Road simulator recreates road conditions safely in shops for accurate testing
  • Fast diagnostics find brake, steering and suspension issues in minutes
  • Complete business plan mentoring and marketing assistance opportunities upon installation
  • Great ROI

Product Video

Why use a VIS-Check??

The VIS-Check machine makes performing undercarriage diagnostics:
  • Safer- Reduces the liability of manual labor
  • Faster- Automates brake testing
  • Traceable- Produces an inspection report
  • More accurate- Improves inspection methods

Who can Benefit from the VIS-Check?

  • Repair Shops: Boost revenue, lower costs and build customer loyalty
  • Fleets: Improve vehicle up-time, reduce big 4 operating costs and increase driver satisfaction
  • Enforcement: Improve inspector safety, testing speed and accuracy
  • Transit: Improve inspection and testing by creating a repeatable process for all technicians

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