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The VIS-Check is a performance-based brake tester and road simulator that allows for easier undercarriage inspection, maintenance, and regulatory compliance while reducing service time and costs. Accurately check brakes, steering, and suspension of heavy trucks, transit buses, school buses, motor homes, and more. With the VIS-Check, service technicians will be able to test and perform maintenance with confidence thanks to its simple, repeatable process.

See how the VIS-Check improves vehicle safety and fleet operations!


Manual inspection of brakes, steering, and suspension is not only laborious and time-consuming, but it also leaves room for dangerous and costly errors. The VIS-Check is a diagnostic machine that automates the inspection and testing process. It allows service technicians to detect and inspect undercarriage issues on heavy-duty trucks and vehicles with precision and in less time to decrease labor while increasing production.


The VIS-Check offers many benefits for undercarriage diagnostics and maintenance such as:

  • Reduces service time by automating brake, steering, and suspension inspection
  • Measures brake performance to DOT specifications FMCSR 393.52(a) and CVSA guidelines
  • Produces a “Safety and Efficiency Report” to assist the service technician’s maintenance activities
  • Saves fuel and extends tire life
  • Offers various models to fit into any facility
  • Improves vehicle safety and reliability
  • Finds otherwise undetectable repairs
  • Requires minimal space for testing
  • Increases driver satisfaction
  • Road Simulator creates road conditions safely in shop

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The VIS-Check is trusted by many types of facilities across the United States due to its accuracy, speed, and versatility.

  • Repair Shops: Save time and labor, boost revenue, and build customer loyalty
  • Fleets: Improve vehicle up-time, reduce operating costs, and increase driver satisfaction
  • Enforcement: Improve inspector safety, testing speed, and accuracy
  • Transit: Improve inspection and testing by creating a repeatable process for all technicians and reduce inspection time

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