Vehicle Inspection Systems’ VIS-Shine 2.0


VIS-Shine Wheel Polishing MachineYou wanted our VIS-Shine wheel polishing machine to be able to handle multiple wheel sizes, and we delivered!  Vehicle Inspection Systems is proud to introduce our 2nd generation VIS-Shine wheel polishing machine. The new unit can polish several wheel sizes, unlike the 1st generation. The unit is fully assembled and ready to start working upon arrival. Our customers asked for a versatile vehicle inspection machine and we delivered.

The new VIS-Shine features:

  • Made in the USA in our Orlando, Florida facility
  • Polish 19.5″, 22.5″ and 24.5″ wheels
  • Kit comes complete with everything you need to polish all 3 wheel sizes

The patent-pending system was developed due to overwhelming customer demand since the original VIS-Shine was introduced. Customers asked for a wheel polishing machine that could polish all wheel sizes without having to remove the wheels from the vehicle.  And with dealer input and feedback, we are pleased to launch this new product manufactured in the USA.  Our new VIS-Shine wheel polishing machine can handle multiple wheel sizes making it a must have machine in your shop.

“Our customers asked for an adaptable machine and we listened,” Mark Keegans, Vice President of VIS said. “The unit will put a shine on the wheel while the wheel is still on the truck. The maintenance tool will help preserve the shine of both new and refurbished wheels.”

Truck owners who want to keep their wheels shiny without having to take them off the truck can now do so with ease, thanks to the VISShine. This ontruck wheel polishing equipment makes the whole process quicker and safer, since it eliminates the need for tools, jacks, and bending or kneeling. Plus, it has twoStart buttons that must both be pressed for the machine to begin, ensuring that the operator has both hands on it. If one hand comes off the button, the machine will immediately stop running to avoid any accidents.

If you currently own the original VIS-Shine unit, we are offering an adaptor kit.

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