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Boost the resale value and build customer loyalty with: VIS-Polish!

Automated Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine
Automated Aluminum Wheel Polishing
  • The VIS-Polish System can quickly convert road weary wheels to a bright finish, vastly improving the look and value of used units. It is not uncommon for the VIS-Polish to provide an increase in the selling price of a new truck over the price of a comparable unit with normal, dull wheels.
  • The VIS-Polish System provides a value-added service to service shop by allowing a truck which is in for service, to have not only the scheduled work to be done, but to have wheels polished and add no down-time to the service call.
  • The VIS-Polish System allows service technicians to multi-task and reduce under absorbed labor as the VIS-Polish requires very little direct labor or attention during operating cycles, yet generates great return on investment and builds customer loyalty.

 VIS-Polish:Automated Aluminum Wheel Polishing







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What Are Customers Saying About the VIS-Polish?

  • George S., WY – “I have customers who can’t sell a truck in months. We polish the wheels and sell it in days!”
  • Harold K., AL – “We have 3 VIS-Polish machines. All 3 run every day, have had good luck with the product and support of them.”
  • Neil M., CAN – “Best money spent on these tools. Good people excellent products.”
  • John Q., NC – “I have been impressed overall with the quality of the VIS-Polish. I do like the service that I get with ordering supplies and the professionalism of the service techs when they are on my site.”


Features of the VIS-Polish:

  • Sands the whole wheel face or just sections using the new sectional sanding software
  • Tire on/tire off
  • 30-60 min/wheel
  • 19.5″, 22.5″, 24.5″, super singles and wide base steers
  • Special bead cleaning cycle included
  • Can generate large ROI
  • Reduce overall cost of your fleet wheel end maintenance program
  • Increase vehicle’s resale value
  • Great additional revenue stream
  • Small footprint


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