VIS-Polish for Truck Dealers

Boost the resale value of used vehicles and build customer loyalty

  • The VIS-Polish System can quickly convert road weary wheels to a bright finish, vastly improving the look and value of used units. It is not uncommon for the VIS-Polish to provide an increase in the selling price of a new truck by $2,000 to $4,000 over the price of a comparable unit with normal, dull wheels.
  • The VIS-Polish System provides a value added service to the service shop by allowing a truck which is in for service, to have not only the scheduled work to be done, but to have wheels polished and add no down-time to the service call.
  • The VIS-Polish System allows service technicians to multi-task and reduce under absorbed labor as the VIS-Polish requires very little direct labor or attention during operating cycles, yet generates great return on investment and builds customer loyalty.

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