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Aluminum wheel use continues to increase year over year. Similar to steel wheels, aluminum wheels need to be properly maintained for safety as well as appearance.

Aluminum wheel maintenance is a natural fit for locations already providing services like: mounted wheel programs, retread services, steel wheel reconditioning, and other wheel-end services. If aluminum wheels are coming through your shop already and you aren’t offering any service for them, you could be letting revenue roll out the door!

Aluminum Wheel Maintenance Matters!

While just soap and water can remove superficial layers of dirt and debris, this method does not provide any other benefits to overall wheel health.  Incorporating the VIS aluminum wheel maintenance program will ensure wheels are being properly maintained while also looking great!

Benefits of aluminum wheel maintenance include:

  • Improved Inspections to Remove Damaged Wheels from Service– Damage can be more easily identified and wheels can be removed from service before and incident or OOS violation occurs.
  • Removal of Rust and Corrosion – One of the most stressed pieces of metal on any vehicle, the wheel stud, can be crippled by unattended rust.
  • Uneven And Pitted Wheel Surfaces– Uneven surfaces can reduce the clamping force of lugs nuts while peaks and valleys on the surface lead to rust and oxidation.
  • Improve Fleet Image and Reputation– Well-maintained vehicles project professionalism and reliability.
  • Attract and Retain Drivers– Building fleet pride with employees can help recruit and retain drivers.


  • Sands the whole wheel face or just sections using the new sectional sanding software
  • Tire on/tire off
  • 19.5″, 22.5″, 24.5″, super singles and wide base steers
  • Special bead cleaning cycle included
  • Small footprint
  • Enclosed system allows technicians to remain free from moving parts and debris
  • Reduce overall cost of fleet wheel end maintenance program
  • Great additional revenue stream in line with your current customer base!

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  • Fleets: Improve fleet safety, avoid OOS violations, and strengthen fleet pride.
  • Waste Companies: Customers appreciate safe and well kept vehicles in their neighborhood.
  • Public Transit Agencies: Great looking vehicles improve ridership numbers and improved inspections reduce road incidents and vehicle downtimes.
  • Truck Dealers: Boost resale value of used vehicles and build customer loyalty.
  • Anyone using aluminum wheels, especially your current customers!

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