The Squirrel Benefits Local Municipal Customers- How Can it Assist Your Fleet?

The Squirrel Benefits Local Municipal Customers- How Can it Assist Your Fleet?
Nearly one year ago, VIS introduced the Squirrel: Wheel Safety Device to the North American heavy duty transportation industry. The Squirrel is a low cost high visibility commitment to safety that keeps any loose lug nuts locked in place to prevent them from loosening further and potentially coming off the wheel.

Since implementing the Squirrel into the safety regimen of their fleets, Vehicle Inspection Systems has received positive feedback from some ofour customers who are currently using the devices.

Squirrel Wheel safety device

AJB Trash & Recycling Services located in Honeybrook, PA order over 40 Squirrels from VIS since March. AJ, the owner of AJB says, “The Squirrel system seems to be working well for us. We are in the refuse industry and with all the starting and stopping [of the vehicles] the heat build-up tends to loosen the wheels [lug nuts] over time.”

Another customer in Ohio, Big E Trucking currently has trucks and tractors pulling dump beds. After having a costly wheel off situation, they saw the Squirrel display at MATS and have since applied the devices to their trucks and trailers. The Squirrels now give them peace of mind that their trucks are safer and more secure.

For more information on the Squirrel customization contact VIS toll free at 1-866-847-8721 or visit

The Squirrel is available for purchase online at Custom color options are available with minimum purchase necessary. For more information on custom colors, contact our sales team at 407-206-3615 ext. 2.

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