The Leek-Seeker




The Leek-Seeker efficiently detects air leaks in tires, air lines, brake lines, AC systems, compression units and heavy duty equipment. The Leek-Seeker system is designed so Leek-Quid fluid concentrate mixes with water within the system, and when sprayed onto your equipment, leaks will be visible by the appearance of strong and prevalent bubbles. The Leek-Quid is sensitive to even the smallest of leaks and will be visible for up to one hour after application.


How does the Leek-Quid Work?

The Leek-Quid fluid is an effective, environmentally friendly and biodegradable concentrated fluid. When paired with a pre-set Leek-Seeker system, the fluid can last for years and will replace spray bottles, dunk tanks, poor hearing, sore backs and frequent repairs. The Leek-Quid fluid is mixed through the Leek-Seeker system to provide the perfect solution for leak detection. When sprayed, the Leek-Quid fluid can detect the smallest and most sensitive air leaks, which will be visible with bubbles. These lasting bubbles are visible for up to 1 hour even after fluid has dried on all other surfaces where the fluid was sprayed.

Each Leek-Seeker model includes 2 US gallons of Leek-Quid fluid with each purchase.


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Leek-Seeker Models

Vehicle Inspection Systems offers 3 primary models of the Leek-Seeker, each ranging in price point based on the equipment and features you would like to include with your program.

  • Service Truck Leek-Seeker
  • Tire Store/Shop Leek-Seeker
  • Mobile Leek-Seeker

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