Software Algorithms Aid Truck Wheel Refurbishment

Truck wheels are mostly aluminum alloys. They are lighter than conventional steel wheels and carry a higher pay load. Because the load on the axle is also reduced the durability of axles increases leading to better productivity. However there is a slight downside to the aluminum. They get damaged with nicks and dents due to flying roadside debris. Small and even larger stones hit the aluminum with great force due to the spinning action of the wheel which mimics a slingshot in action. The clear polyurethane coating on the aluminum wheel get damaged allowing oxidation to start the process of pitting and later on lead to corrosion.

When these marks and damage are noticed quick remedial action is the need of the hour. Aluminum wheel refurbishment is the process by which the life of the wheel is extended. Using the VIS-Polish equipment is standard procedure for refurbishing aluminum truck wheels. Road weary wheels and hidden damages which used to remain unseen is quickly managed with the automated wheel polish service.

The operations of the machine have software algorithms which determine the area of sanding required. It can calculate whether the whole wheel face requires sanding or just some sections where partial oxidation has taken place. This feature saves time, money and the increases the wheel’s durability. The process is quick which takes anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes per wheel. The machine has the capability of refurbishing super singles and wide base steers.

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