What is the Simplicity in the Innovation of Wheel Safety Device ?

Many famous personalities can lay claims for the adage that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Among contemporaries, there is none more famous than Steve Jobs the founder of Apple. This aphorism became well-known upon the introduction of the Apple II personal computer in 1977. Another device that can lay claim to sophisticated simplicity is The Squirrel.

What is the Squirrel?

The Squirrel is a wheel safety device that looks just like a piece of twisted wire. You will not be far off the mark if after seeing you will dismiss it as nothing more than metal trash. Make no mistake,regarding a safety product; this is head and shoulders above the rest. It is one easily fitted piece around the lug nuts of a wheel that prevents it from becoming loose. The Squirrel wheel safety device is always in position due to its design – akin to the central brick or stone in an arch which creates pressure on the side holding all elements in place.

Engineered nylon is the wonder material of The Squirrel. The properties of impact resistance anti-corrosion, resistance to extreme temperatures and reusable make the innovation a blend of sophistication and simplicity. Road dust and debris do not pose any problems as The Squirrel continues to do the job. The design is presently available for 6, 8 and ten stud versions. No special tools are required to fit The Squirrel whichis a product by Vehicle Inspection Systems in Orlando, Florida.

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