07 Sep 2016
Vehicle Inspection Systems to Observe Brake Safety Week September 11-17


From September 11-17, law enforcement agents will identify faulty brake systems on large trucks and buses in recognition of Brake Safety Week. Many inspectors will be using performance-based brake testing (PBBT) equipment, including the Vehicle Inspection Systems VIS-Check, a PBBT machine, to test brake efficiency. The ...[Read More]

17 Aug 2016
The BrakeMate™ Brake Maintenance Unit

Brake maintenance can be a tedious process, but it is extremely important. The good news is that yet again, Vehicle Inspection Systems has another product to automate a labor-heavy task. Introducing the BrakeMate™ brake maintenance system, a device designed to service heavy vehicle disc brake systems and ...[Read More]

10 Aug 2016
Win a Free VIS-Shine at the 2016 Great American Trucking Show


We are excited to attend the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas this summer (2016).  From Thursday, August 25 through Saturday, August 27, Vehicle Inspection Systems will be at booth 23118. Our booth will feature polishing demonstrations, representatives to show you what our products can offer ...[Read More]

26 Jul 2016
Vehicle Inspection Systems’ VIS-Shine 2.0


You wanted our VIS-Shine wheel polishing machine to be able to handle multiple wheel sizes, and we delivered!  Vehicle Inspection Systems is proud to introduce our 2nd generation VIS-Shine wheel polishing machine. The new unit can polish several wheel sizes, unlike the 1st generation. The unit ...[Read More]

05 Jul 2016
Vehicle Inspection Systems Welcomes New Marketing Manager

ORLANDO, FLA. (PRWEB) JULY 05, 2016 - Vehicle Inspection Systems is pleased to announce the addition of Kristen Chapman to the company’s marketing team. Kristen joins VIS as the new Marketing Manager with experience in the automotive industry. In her new role, Kristen will support our sales ...[Read More]

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