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Vehicle Inspection Systems Brings the Squirrel™ to North America

(Orlando, FL) Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) has recently acquired all North American distribution rights to the wheel safety device called the Squirrel™. The Squirrel™ is designed as a prevention of wheel separation and detachment from the vehicle by securing loose lug nuts in place.

Originally developed in Australia, VIS is bringing the Squirrel™ to the North American transportation industry. Manufactured in one lightweight, impact-resistant, engineered nylon piece, the Squirrel™ is easily fitted and requires no special tools. The Squirrel™ is fitted for use on most standard 10, 8, and 6 stud truck, trailer, coach, and can even be requested in custom colors to match your vehicle.

“The benefit of the Squirrels is they do not allow the wheel nuts to come loose off the studs, which prevents the wheels coming off. We had a set of wheels come loose with Squirrels fitted, but the nuts had not moved and because of the Squirrel the wheels remained on the vehicle,” said Matt Jury, National Workshop Coordinator at Kalari. “Kalari has been running the Squirrel devices for the past 12 months on equipment serviced by our Laverton depot and 19.5 inch rims around the country without a wheel coming off.”

The Squirrel™ is available for purchase online at The Squirrel™ can also be customized to your color needs by contacting VIS. For more information on the Squirrel™ wheel safety device visit or

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