VIS Innovation – what’s it all about?

VIS Innovation is our commitment to providing our customers with market leading technologies backed up by organizational excellence. VIS Innovation is a vital part of our culture which actively solicits input and recommendations from every level of our staff and empowers our customers by providing a place to connect and be heard. This in turn improves customer satisfaction, and drives our ability to respond to the marketplace effectively. VIS Innovation is an easy to use portal for both VIS employees and customers to share ideas for new products and services or improvements to those that already exist. In addition, we expect and encourage all employees to challenge the current way of doing things and seek to constantly improve processes and reduce costs. Innovation is vital to the continued success of VIS and our customers – be a part of this process and let us know your ideas.

How VIS Innovation works

It’s easy: click the email link below, write your idea or submission and SEND. You’ll then receive a confirmation email letting you know your idea has been received.

What kind of ideas are we looking for?

Anything that relates to the business we’re in, the products we make and sell, the services we provide, and how we go about their creation and delivery. We’re particularly interested in the “Why didn’t I think of that” kind of suggestions – those ideas that might be obvious to you and make you wonder why on earth we hadn’t thought of it before. These ideas are often the easiest to implement and bring about the greatest benefits.

What happens with my submission?

New submissions are viewed every week and directed to our Innovation Team for initial evaluation. Those ideas with obvious benefit and are easy to act on are directed to the appropriate manager for fast track implementation. Those ideas that require more work to assess are directed to a team of expert staff members who will explore the idea further and in turn present a feasibility report back to the Innovation Team with a “Go/No Go” recommendation. During this process we may require further input from the submitter. If the idea is a GO then the idea becomes a project and we’ll assign the necessary resources to turn the idea into reality.

We value your input

Product and organizational innovation benefits everyone involved; customers get the technology and service they need for success and employees get to be part of a dynamic and rewarding team. To further share in the rewards of innovation, we offer those who contribute a variety of rewards for implemented suggestions ranging from gift certificates to cash amounts of up to $5000 for new product ideas that are successfully brought to market. We are also open to discuss your own product idea that makes life in the trucking easier. Contact us to discuss how this works.

So, let’s get started! Fill out the form below to submit your new VIS-Innovation entry:


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