How Polishing Machine Remove Scratches, Dents, and Grooves in No Time?

Polishing increases the sheen of the rim of the tire. The automated VIS-Polish machine restores the mirror-like finish of the wheel and enhances the image of the rig while also increasing the safety of the wheel. The VIS-Polish quickly refurbish wheels by polishing and buffing them to bring shine to the wheel. Cleaning and refurbishing wheels regularly will help retain their original shine and luster as well as help with routine inspections.

Let us take a look at the benefits of polishing service:

Shiny chrome rims

A Wheel polishing service machine like VIS-Polish keeps the rims of the wheel clean and shiny with sanding, buffing and polishing. Polishing enhances and accentuates the design of the wheel to bring a mirror-like finish to the rim. Shiny rims are not only attractive but create a better image in the mind of customers. Buffing out any metal helps in smoothing out the irregular surface. As a result, it is advised to buff the dull and lifeless rims to breathe a new life into the truck or fleet.


A tire is the soul of a fleet. It is the duty of the owner to maintain and keep it damage free. Any crack in the wheel can compromise with the safety of the driver and others on the road. Using an automated wheel polishing machine like VIS-Polish can reveal any urgent problems by exposing hidden damage to the wheel. It removes dust and dirt and gives old rims a new life with better detail and precision.


The wheel polishing service also increases the life of the wheel by removing debris and corrosive material that gets stuck to the rim. Removing these eroding materials, will extend the use out of your wheels which means cost savings for you. This will also limit vehicle down times resulting in further savings.

Wheel Polishing Machine

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