Brake Tester

Truck Brake Testing Equipment

The VIS-Check undercarriage diagnostic system inspects the brakes, steering, and suspension components of trucks, trailers, buses, waste vehicles, and other heavy duty vehicles. The VIS-Check, a performance-based brake tester (PBBT) combined with a road simulator, measures braking force and allows technicians to view steering and suspension components under harsh operating conditions. At the end of the inspection, VIS-Check produces a “Safety and Efficiency Report” to guide and assist the service technician’s maintenance activities.


  • Tests foundation brakes to general requirements specified by the DOT and APTA best practices
  • Road simulator recreates road conditions safely in shops for accurate testing
  • Shortens inspection time resulting in quicker vehicle maintenance turn around to get your vehicles back on the road faster
  • Reduces manual labor during inspection and eliminates the need for vehicle deceleration testing
  • Improves inspection accuracy by creating repeatable process for all technicians

This systems will give your vehicles a full inspection to help you detect any number of brake system issues. When it comes to brake safety,  truck brake testing equipment is essential!

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