12 Apr 2017
Software Algorithms Aid Truck Wheel Refurbishment

Truck wheels are mostly aluminum alloys. They are lighter than conventional steel wheels and carry a higher pay load. Because the load on the axle is also reduced the durability of axles increases leading to better productivity. However there is a slight downside to the aluminum. ...[Read More]

07 Mar 2017
For Peace of Mind the Best Wheel Safety Device

If you have not come across the Squirrel wheel safety device then you are missing something. Such is the simplicity of the design. It is just a piece of metal shaped as in wire and easily fitted as the device comes in one piece. The device ...[Read More]

01 Mar 2017
The VIS-Shine is the Best Wheel Maintenance Tool

The 2nd generation VIS-Shine is in a class of its own. Firstly it is America’s first on-truck portable polishing aluminum truck wheel system. It means that wheels need not be dismount. No time need be spent on removing lug nuts and fixing them back. The easy ...[Read More]

10 Feb 2017
Renaissance Man’s Simplicity Translates into Wheel Safety Product Design

Leonardo da Vinci needs no introduction. He was an inventor, engineer, artist, painter, sculptor and the best description is that of a Renaissance man who was endowed with grace and talent. The extraordinary human being was a real genius and best exemplified by this statement “Simplicity ...[Read More]

06 Feb 2017
Benefits of Polishing Truck Wheels

Polishing truck wheels is the best way to make your wheel investments last.  There is no doubt that steel wheels for trucks are three times cheaper than aluminum truck wheels. Despite this enormous price difference over 50% of truckers and transport establishments prefer to spend the additional ...[Read More]

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