27 Jun 2017
6 Truck Wheel Maintenance Tips

Here are 6 wheel maintenance tips to keep your wheels safe for journeys ahead.  Good wheel maintenance is crucial for a functional fleet. Without proper maintenance, a vehicle is more likely to malfunction. If not fixed, this can snowball into serious problems that empty your wallet ...[Read More]

23 Jun 2017
VIS-Polish vs. VIS-Shine: Which One Suits You Better?

VIS offers 2 main pieces of truck wheel polishing equipment, the VIS-Shine and the VIS-Polish. Many of our customers wonder which one will be a better fit for them. We’re here to explore which unit could be ideal for you. Choosing the right polishing unit for ...[Read More]

24 May 2017
How to Get a Higher Price when You Sell Your Truck

Make sure your trucks look amazing from top to bottom, by using the VIS-Polish to increase truck sales and selling price! If you take a look at the rims of most trucks, you will find that the color has faded, the edges look frayed or worn ...[Read More]

22 May 2017
How to Find the Best Service Station for your Trucks

Are you looking for a place that will help refurbish your truck and bring the exteriors back to life? If so, you should get in touch with a reputed company that offers aluminum wheel refinishing in your area. There are number of stores that offer such ...[Read More]

20 Apr 2017
The Best and Latest in Wheel Polishing and Safety Devices

Among the best wheel safety devices available in the market is the one dubbed The Squirrel. It is light in weight and looks like a piece of wire. It is manufactured from engineering nylon which has the unique property of excellent impact resistance. It is impervious ...[Read More]

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