08 Dec 2017
How The VIS-Polish Can Help You Prevent Accidents

The wheels of a truck are probably the most important parts of the entire structure. Yet somehow, they are one of the worst treated parts. There is this general feeling that wheels need not be cleaned and maintained. Most fleet owners think that they can simply ...[Read More]

30 Nov 2017
How Well Maintained Trucks Can Help You Avoid Citations

Maintaining trucks in good condition is an essential part of being the owner of a fleet. Ensuring that your trucks are in good working condition is beneficial in a number of ways. Well maintained trucks always offer better performance, and chances of breakdowns are significantly lesser ...[Read More]

08 Nov 2017
Smart Tips to Keep Your Truck’s Aluminum Wheels Clean

Maintenance of a truck fleet is a very tough job. Trucks are mostly driven in adverse conditions and varying terrains. Regular maintenance becomes necessary for proactive identification of any problem that may have developed in trucks. Since these are mechanical beasts, even mundane jobs like truck ...[Read More]

31 Oct 2017
Here is Why You Should Choose Wheel Polishing Service at VIS

Maintaining a fleet of trucks is a very tedious and tough job. Keeping the wheels of the fleet clean and polished is an important task that is necessary to make your fleet of trucks look well-maintained. Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) makes this task easy for you. ...[Read More]

27 Sep 2017
How to Maintain Your Fleet in Better Condition

Proper maintenance is a crucial element of managing a fleet of trucks. These heavy vehicles are used for a number of purposes and drive through inclement weather conditions. Scheduling regular maintenance check-ups can help to identify problems that may not manifest themselves under normal circumstances. Why ...[Read More]

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