19 Sep 2018
Customer Spotlight: Royal Truck and Trailer


  Royal Truck & Trailer started in 1970 as a small, family-owned facility in Dearborn, Michigan. After 50 years and 3 generations of family ownership, they have grown into one of the largest new and used semi-trailer suppliers in the Midwest and now operate at an ...[Read More]

27 Aug 2018
Give your Truck Wheels a Longer Life

A wheel polishing service is crucial to keeping truck wheels clean and free from the abrasive effects of brake dust and other substances that cause pitting and overall wear.  Wheel and rim polishing not only enhances the good looks of a truck, but also helps prevent ...[Read More]

20 Jul 2018
Maintain the Shine on Your Truck Wheels

Maintenance for truck wheels can be a challenge, requiring constant supervision.  With the revolutionary VIS-Shine and VIS-Polish systems, it is now easier than ever to have polished aluminum wheels. Easy Wheel Polishing The only machine of its kind in all of America, the VIS-Shine is an ...[Read More]

27 Jun 2018
Why Polished Wheels Makes Your Fleet Safer

Aluminum Wheel Maintenance Aluminum is a soft metal that responds quite well to polishing and has potential to shine like a chrome. Aluminum wheels have a tendency to oxidize with a high risk of damage from road debris and brake dust. Such brutal treatment makes the ...[Read More]

20 Jun 2018
How Polishing Machine Remove Scratches, Dents, and Grooves in No Time?

Polishing increases the sheen of the rim of the tire. The automated VIS-Polish machine restores the mirror-like finish of the wheel and enhances the image of the rig while also increasing the safety of the wheel. The VIS-Polish quickly refurbish wheels by polishing and buffing them ...[Read More]

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