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How to Have a Fleet of Great Looking Trucks

polished aluminum wheels

A truck that’s maintained well and looks good on the outside is a boon for any company. Having a fleet of great-looking trucks with polished aluminum wheels can actually help you get more business than having a fleet that looks dull and worn out.

This is mainly because trucks draw more attention than you think. When people see a well-maintained fleet, they get the impression that the company cares for its assets. It speaks volumes of the professional attitude of the organization, telling your current and potential customers that if you can take good care of your trucks, you’ll take care of their goods as well.

Tips for Having a Great-Looking Truck Fleet

You don’t need traditional advertising, use your own fleet to say what your company stands for! Customers will be convinced to bring their business to you when they see that you take care of your fleet. While they may seem insignificant, the rims of your fleet have a lot to contribute to how your whole fleet looks.

Keep Your Rims Shiny and New

Technology has evolved so much in the past few decades. There are machines for every aspect of our lives, and they are designed to do a much better job than human beings. Machines today can find out flaws and minute problems with much higher accuracy and efficiency than human workers.

The VIS-Polish is a device that facilities use for aluminum wheel polishing and maintenance. It’s a fully automated system that polishes the wheels of trucks and restores them with a bright luster finish with great shine and smoothness.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance ensures that your truck runs smoothly and safely, as well as looks great. By performing regular inspections, your technicians can find problems before they become serious issues.

With an automated system like the VIS-Polish, you’ll be able to reveal any cracks or flaws that cannot easily be seen by the naked eye. The system also provides a more even finish than manual polishing by removing human error from the process.

Use the Right Tools

Tools are essential for maintaining and repairing your fleet of vehicles to look and perform their best. Whether you’re performing brake maintenance or shining up wheels, having the proper tools can save you money and headaches.

Get Sparkling Wheel Rims in Less Time

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the VIS-Polish is built to work on your rims with speed and accuracy, transforming dull, lifeless rims into ones that stand out. The machine takes roughly 30 minutes per wheel, unlike manual methods that can take twice as long or more.

Depending on how worn out the wheel is, you can program the device to sand it completely or just in parts in an efficient and timely manner. Investing in the VIS-Polish system is one of the best things you can do for your fleet. It not only gives your wheels an intense and unbeatable shine, but you’ll also see impressive returns on your investment.

Enhance Your Fleet with Automated Wheel Refinishing

There is a variety of maintenance, cost, and performance advantages to using an automated wheel refinishing system like the VIS-Polish. It also offers intangible benefits like improving fleet reputation and attracting drivers, which grows your business in the long run.

That’s why our thoughtfully-designed products are trusted by vehicle service and maintenance shops throughout the United States and Canada.

Contact us today to restore your tired rims back to life with the VIS-Polish Automated Aluminum Wheel Polishing system.

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