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Why Polished Wheels Makes Your Fleet Safer

Aluminum Wheel Maintenance

Aluminum is a soft metal that responds quite well to polishing and has potential to shine like a chrome. Aluminum wheels have a tendency to oxidize with a high risk of damage from road debris and brake dust. Such brutal treatment makes the wheel susceptible to easy wear and tear. To prevent the wheel from getting oxidized, it is very important to get the aluminum wheel cleaned and polished. Polished aluminum wheels help in extending the lifespan of the wheel thereby increasing the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. Refurbishing helps in maintaining the shine of the wheels ensuring better efficiency.

Polished Wheels are Safer Wheels

  • Polished wheels help with the early identification of cracks and weaknesses in the wheel.
  • Well maintained wheels have a lower risk of on-road incidents and accidents.
  • Removing rust and oxidization stops further deterioration of the wheel.
  • Clean wheels ensure a more secure seal and fit of tires which reduces tire problems/incidents.
  • Polishing wheels removes sharp edges that can damage tires or cause injuries to the driver/service technician.
  • Polished and cleaned wheels allow for more accurate measuring of wear around the surface and edges which can help identify issues sooner and have worn wheels removed from service before they cause an incident.

Polishing Wheels

How Polishing Machine Remove Scratches, Dents, and Grooves in No Time?

Polishing increases the sheen of the rim of the tire. The automated VIS-Polish machine restores the mirror-like finish of the wheel and enhances the image of the rig while also increasing the safety of the wheel. The VIS-Polish quickly refurbish wheels by polishing and buffing them to bring shine to the wheel. Cleaning and refurbishing wheels regularly will help retain their original shine and luster as well as help with routine inspections.

Let us take a look at the benefits of polishing service:

Shiny chrome rims

A Wheel polishing service machine like VIS-Polish keeps the rims of the wheel clean and shiny with sanding, buffing and polishing. Polishing enhances and accentuates the design of the wheel to bring a mirror-like finish to the rim. Shiny rims are not only attractive but create a better image in the mind of customers. Buffing out any metal helps in smoothing out the irregular surface. As a result, it is advised to buff the dull and lifeless rims to breathe a new life into the truck or fleet.


A tire is the soul of a fleet. It is the duty of the owner to maintain and keep it damage free. Any crack in the wheel can compromise with the safety of the driver and others on the road. Using an automated wheel polishing machine like VIS-Polish can reveal any urgent problems by exposing hidden damage to the wheel. It removes dust and dirt and gives old rims a new life with better detail and precision.


The wheel polishing service also increases the life of the wheel by removing debris and corrosive material that gets stuck to the rim. Removing these eroding materials, will extend the use out of your wheels which means cost savings for you. This will also limit vehicle down times resulting in further savings.

Wheel Polishing Machine

How to Fetch a Better Truck Resale Price

Owning a truck is never a stroll in the park. There is a lot that goes into maintaining them in good condition. There are a number of reasons why you should maintain your fleet in good condition. It may seem like a tedious task, but it is absolutely worth it. There are a number of benefits that come out of being actively engaged in keeping your fleet in good condition. They function in a much better way and have a much longer life when compared to trucks that are neglected. Apart from this, this practice also helps you get a much better truck resale price when you want to sell your rig at a later stage.

How to Enhance Appeal

Buyers look for appeal when they want to buy something. And the same applies to your fleet of trucks as well. If what you are offering is not appealing to a customer, he may not pay you a good price or your truck may not even get sold for a long time. A commercial brake tester can help you test whether the stopping potential of your truck is good or not. This will help the buyer understand that your fleet has been tested using high-quality equipment and that it is safe to buy from you.

Safety is Important

Safety is of prime importance for your fleet. Trucks that are maintained in good condition tend to perform much better than ones that are not. A commercial brake tester is a device that can check whether your brakes are in good condition or not. If they are good, there are lesser chances of accidents happening. If you maintain a truck that is accident-free, you will get a better price for it later. Using other products such as polishing machines also help to make your trucks appealing.

Boost your truck resale price

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