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How Well Maintained Trucks Can Help You Avoid Citations

Maintaining trucks in good condition is an essential part of being the owner of a fleet. Ensuring that your trucks are in good working condition is beneficial in a number of ways. Well maintained trucks always offer better performance, and chances of breakdowns are significantly lesser in such vehicles. These long haul trucks will be able to travel further and faster if they are taken good care of and checked up on a regular basis. A good looking truck will attract positive attention whereas a scrappy looking on can attract the attention of the authorities who might just write you up for neglecting your truck.

Avoiding citations

A badly maintained truck is more likely to grab the attention of the authorities in the wrong way. If they flag you down and find that your trucks are not in the condition they are supposed to be in, you run the risk of getting a citation. This is the last thing you want to deal with when you are transporting goods. Alloy wheel refinishing can help you prevent this to a large extent. When your rims are shiny, you would naturally want to get the rest of your truck serviced as well, thereby avoiding run-ins with the law and saving yourself a lot of trouble.

Range of beneficiaries

The VIS-Polish is truly a one of a kind machine that gives fabulous results in a short time. No more dull and lifeless rims! No more ugly spots, rust, etc. Now get your rims shining like you just got them from a dealer. Alloy wheel refinishing can help you build a loyal customer base if you are a truck dealer. It helps to improve fleet pride and safety. If you are a tire shop, the VIS-Polish can help you add a new revenue stream.

Smart Tips to Keep Your Truck’s Aluminum Wheels Clean

Maintenance of a truck fleet is a very tough job. Trucks are mostly driven in adverse conditions and varying terrains. Regular maintenance becomes necessary for proactive identification of any problem that may have developed in trucks. Since these are mechanical beasts, even mundane jobs like truck painting, tightening lug on wheels etc. have to be done carefully. This also applies to polishing the aluminum wheels.

Enhancing Appearance of Aluminum Wheels

With the passage of time the wheels of trucks worn out and start looking old. This contributes towards the dull look of the truck. Everyone wants their truck or bus to look pleasing for customers. Shiny and polished looking wheels can enhance the appearance of your truck. The better your fleet looks the more you are noticed and the impression of a well-maintained fleet is engraved in your customer’s mind. Buffing aluminum wheels requires smoothing of irregular metal surfaces of the wheel. Even though the surface looks smooth, it actually is rough, jaded and edgy.

While the buffing process seems easy, it can be ineffective. If you use too much compound, the cutting action is less effective because the surface is greasy and over lubricated. This can be seen by the presence of a black compound that shows up around the lug and vent holes.

When you invest in a VIS-Polish, you can find that ‘sweet spot’ of wheel buffing and don’t have to worry about this manual job. Call 866-847-8721 today to learn more.

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