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How to Maintain Your Fleet in Better Condition

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Proper maintenance is a crucial element of managing a fleet of trucks. These heavy vehicles are used for a number of purposes and drive through inclement weather conditions. Scheduling regular maintenance check-ups can help to identify problems that may not manifest themselves under normal circumstances. Why wait for something to happen and then get it fixed? After all, prevention definitely is better than cure.

Enhancing Appearances

Do you feel that the wheels of your trucks have become dull and lifeless over time? Do they look worn out and old? We’re pretty sure that that’s not how you want them to be. A good looking set of wheels can improve the appearance of any truck. A better looking fleet can help get you more business as people are more likely to trust a person who takes good care of his fleet. Buffing aluminum wheels is extremely easy and you can do it in your own garage with the help of the VIS-Shine. This is small yet very effective equipment that polishes and shines the rims of your trucks without having to remove them.

Revealing Hidden Damages

Damages such as cracks may not be sometimes visible to the naked eye if the wheel is rusted or dull. The VIS-Polish is a machine that can help reveal these damages before they get worse and cause a break down in the middle of a journey. The VIS-Polish is extremely effective at alloy wheel refurbishment and produces an amazing mirror-like shine on even the dullest looking wheels. Investing in equipment like the VIS-Polish and VIS-Shine helps reduce your third party service costs. They also help to generate a new stream of revenue by offering polishing services to other entities in your own garage. These are cost effective equipment that consume less power and need less maintenance.To know more click here

How to Get A Deep Lasting Shine on Your Truck Wheels

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Polishing wheels can take a long time if it is done manually. Thankfully there are a number of machines that are available to do the job in a much better, faster, and more efficient way. These machines help to reduce spillages and wastages of materials and solutions, thereby cutting down on expenses. Equipment that helps in buffing aluminum wheels is small in size. Therefore their footprint is pretty small, and they are clean and neat in their operation, preventing your work floor from becoming messy and dirty. Even though they are small in size, they do large amounts of work in relatively less time, freeing up manpower for other jobs.

When human labor is involved, you will also have to make sure that all safety gears are in place on the work floor. When you use automatic equipment, this is not required. There are different types of machines available for alloy wheel refurbishment. You can choose the one that most suits your requirements. One variety allows you to polish the rims while they are still on the truck. This helps you save time and labor costs since the rims will not have to removed and fitted back on to the vehicle. They can polish both drive and steer wheels. This equipment are low in cost and help you get a nice and even shine which lasts for a long time. Apart from this, purchasing some select machines will give you the benefit of Section 179 by way of tax deductions.


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