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For Peace of Mind the Best Wheel Safety Device

If you have not come across the Squirrel wheel safety device then you are missing something. Such is the simplicity of the design. It is just a piece of metal shaped as in wire and easily fitted as the device comes in one piece. The device drapes around the lug nuts which hold the wheel in place. If at all the lug nuts become loose (the possibility of it happening with the Squirrel in place is almost zero) sensors will light up indicators on the truck. The design is simple and effective that it boggles the imagination that such a simple thing is the ultimate wheel safety device.

The metallurgical properties of the wire are astounding. It is just that flexible to allow the fingers to drape it but at the same time it is very strong. It is reminiscent of the ancient Roman aqua ducts with its stone arches. The central stone at the top of the arch is where the magic of structural integrity happens. Simple, elegant and effective even to this day – the Aque Virgo sources water to the world-famous Trevi fountain. This design also led to Romans constructing stone pillar bridges over most major rivers in Europe and Britain.

The Squirrel is named after a small animal which is a tree-dwelling rodent. Like the animal the Squirrel device is small and works all year round 24×7. The device works in the background just like the rodent gnawing its way through nuts and foliage. On a truck this is the safest and least expensive device that provides peace of mind.

The VIS-Shine is the Best Wheel Maintenance Tool

The 2nd generation VIS-Shine is in a class of its own. Firstly it is America’s first on-truck portable polishing aluminum truck wheel system. It means that wheels need not be dismount. No time need be spent on removing lug nuts and fixing them back. The easy truck wheel polishing system is a best-in-class product both in terms of efficiency and as a safety maintenance product. Regular polishing of wheels is probably the best maintenance task on a truck. When the wheels are shining it is easy to spot damages around the bolt holes where minute cracks occur due to corrosion. These damages are not seen when the wheels are discolored due to oxidation.

The VIS-Shine allows wheels to stay on the truck during the polishing and buffing process. As the machine is completely designed and manufactured in the United States the support availability is 24×7. Easy availability of polishing materials is another point in its favor. The machine also polishes steer wheels with adaptors which are easy to fix and remove. The variable speed motor is another plus point for the machine.

VIS-Shine is a maintenance tool which keeps the wheels buffed and polished. As an adjunct to the VIS-Polish system (which is a much more robotic type of equipment and also costs more) the workshop is fully geared to meet all the needs of wheel maintenance. The VIS-Shine is adding durability and reliability of wheels.

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