16 Aug 2022
How to Maintain Your Brakes and Avoid Accidents

Reasons for Brake Maintenance Trucks and other heavy-duty commercial vehicles are often on the road for days or even months continuously, enduring the harsh elements, transporting cargo to their destination. The back-to-back driving and heavy cargo coupled with adverse weather conditions have an effect on not ...[Read More]

22 Apr 2022
Benefits of a Suspension and Steering Diagnostic System For Your Fleet

Undercarriage inspections are crucial for heavy-duty truck and bus fleets to maintain safety, comfort, and driving performance. However, relying on a manual process is time-consuming and hidden damage is more likely to be missed. A suspension and steering diagnostic system is a must-have tool for undercarriage ...[Read More]

24 Feb 2021
5 Ways a PBBT / Roller Brake Tester Can Improve Your Inspection Process

One of the best ways to enhance vehicle safety and fleet operations is by using a performance-based brake tester (PBBT), aka ‘roller brake tester,’ as it makes your inspection process easier while reducing service time and costs. See why a PBBT / roller brake tester, like ...[Read More]

21 Jan 2021
Why You Should Be Refinishing Aluminum Wheels with the VIS-Polish


From curb checking to road debris, there are many ways that aluminum wheels can get damaged which is why refinishing aluminum wheels with the VIS-Polish Automated Aluminum Wheel Polishing system is one of the best ways to bring back their luster. Not only is the automated ...[Read More]

14 Jan 2020
Maintenance Tips for Truck Wheels


Properly maintaining and cleaning truck wheels is one of the most important things a trucker or fleet manager can do to prevent hazardous flats and blowouts, improve fuel economy, and increase the lifespan of the wheels and other truck systems. Check out these eight maintenance tips ...[Read More]

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