How to add Shine to New Revenue Streams via Polishing Aluminum Truck Wheels

Before the introduction of portable wheel polishing machines, the trucks and heavy transportation vehicles necessarily had to undergo wheel safety checks in the fleets’ workshops. The entry of automation has introduced easy truck wheel polishing systems. The leader in automated safety equipment for heavy duty trucks and buses is VIS short for Vehicle Inspection Systems. They have the 2nd Generation VIS-Shine polishing machine completely manufactured in America. It is a one-of-a-kind polishing machine for heavy transportation wheels in North America.

The wheels stay on the truck meaning there is no need to dismount the wheels. Truck pit stops have a diner and other truck repair facilities. While the driver is taking a much-needed coffee break, the VIS-Shine goes into action buffing and polishing all the wheels in just minutes. The machine is capable of polishing both the drive and steer wheels via special adaptors that are interchangeableThe truck driver glances at the polished wheels and can spot tell-tale damage (if any) that will undergo remedial action at the Fleet headquarters.

The VIS-Polish machine is refurbishing and restoring aluminum truck wheels while the VIS-Shine is a maintenance tool. Both works as adjuncts. Vehicle Inspection Systems has announced that they are offering VIS Shine at no additional cost to buyers of the VIS-Polish system during the month of January 2017. This offer is in addition to the free starter kit and the training. The polishing business is ready to take a shine for additional revenue

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