6 Truck Wheel Maintenance Tips

Here are 6 wheel maintenance tips to keep your wheels safe for journeys ahead.  Good wheel maintenance is crucial for a functional fleet. Without proper maintenance, a vehicle is more likely to malfunction. If not fixed, this can snowball into serious problems that empty your wallet and lead to accidents.

Maintenance requirements of different vehicles vary; for instance, for a truck, after the engine block, the most crucial part that requires constant maintenance are the wheels and auxiliary parts. If the body of the rig is in good shape but the wheels are in poor shape, the entire rig may be useless.

This is why having a good wheel maintenance schedule is a crucial component to taking care of your fleet. 

1. A dirty wheel can hide rim damage entirely, and thus, keeping your wheels polished is recommended widely, since it exposes any damage underneath, which may have happened on the road.

2. Polishing can also expose holes and cracks on bolts. Polishing can be a difference between a safe ride and a dodgy rig with bolt hole cracks.

3. Checking the tire inflation levels can save many accidents. Ensure tires neither are over nor under inflated.

4. DOT stamps are important for maintenance, and therefore, be sure that the DOT stamp is present and make sure never to sand it off.

5. Always tighten nuts. One can make sure wheel nuts stay on with our Squirrel wheel safety device.

6. Install wheels back properly. When remounting wheels on the truck, always be sure to follow industry standards to put them back on correctly.

These 6 wheel maintenance tips can help you avoid any accident involving wheels. Before embarking on a long haul, follow these tips diligently to ensure your safety and your payload.

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