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How to Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

A business is not very easy to run especially if it involves taking care of a whole fleet of gigantic trucks. There are many activities that require a lot of attention to detail and it may become impossible for one person to properly take care of a whole fleet. Hiring drivers, technicians, etc. can become a costly affair, straining your resources. Now with the help of automated systems, you can eliminate the need for human labor and supervision. You can also use these machines to generate additional income for your business, thereby tackling cost and revenue at once!

Reducing costs

Machines such as the VIS-Shine have been developed to make life easier for fleet owners. This is a completely indigenous piece of equipment designed and manufactured entirely in the United States of America. It is built to offer wheel polishing services to fleet owners who want to reduce their costs involved in driving each truck to a garage every time it needs work. The VIS-Shine works on the rims while they are still on the truck, eliminating the time required to remove the rims and mount them back on. This versatile machine is very compact, ensuring that it does not occupy much space in your garage.

Additional revenue

Any business could do with new streams of revenue. Investing in equipment such as the VIS-Polish can help you do exactly that. This particular machine is fully automated and is designed to produce a high intensity shine on the rims of trucks. You can use the VIS-Polish to offer wheel polishing services to other fleet owners as well, converting your investment into a source of income! This way you can get great returns on the money you invest and make sure that you recover your investment in a short period of time.

How to Get a Better Re-Sale Price for Your Truck

Selling a truck can sometimes turn out to be more of a hassle than you would expect. In many cases fleet owners complain that they don’t get the price they are looking to receive when selling their trucks. The value that you can expect get if you are planning on selling your truck depends entirely on the condition that it is in at the time of sale. We can confidently tell you that maintaining your trucks in good condition can fetch you a much better price than one that is not cared for properly. Getting your fleet regularly serviced has a ton of benefits, and good re-sale value is one among them.

Enhancing the Looks

One sure shot way of making sure that your truck fetches a good price during sale is to keep it in good condition right from when you purchase it. Many fleet operators think that adding a fresh coat of paint just before selling it will drive up the price of the truck. But the truth is there is so much more to a sale than just painting it. Polished aluminum wheels for example, can enhance the looks of your fleet in ways you would never expect!

Cost Effective Maintenance

In many parts of the world including the United States of America, regularly sending your whole fleet of trucks for service runs can prove to be very expensive in the long run. But now with efficient equipment such as the VIS-Polish, you can have your very own maintenance schedule in your own garage. This machine is highly efficient at producing perfectly polished aluminum wheels in less than an hour, helping you increase the overall value of your truck. Good looking rims boost the value of your truck when you sell it, helping you get a great re-sale price.

How to Add To Your Business Revenue

Are you tired of taking your fleet of trucks down to a service station or garage every time you want to get some minor work done on them? Are you looking for a new way of taking better care of your truck wheels without having to drive them to and from your local garage? If so, then take a look at some of the best machines in the country that can help you save money and time, and add to your business revenue as well. The VIS-Shine is an indigenously made product, designed and manufactured entirely in the United States, specifically for providing special treatment to rims.

Saving Time and Money

If you personally have to drive your trucks to the local garage every time you want to service them, then you are losing out on time. If you employ a person to do this for you, you are spending extra money. You can save on time and costs by having a wheel polishing service of your own, in your own garage. Sounds a little too far-fetched? Maybe, but you will definitely change your mind once you take a look at the VIS-Shine. Investing in this compact machine will allow you to service your rims in your own garage.

Additional Revenue

While the VIS-Shine can help you save time and money, the VIS-Polish is a machine that can add new streams of revenue for your business. This fully automated piece of equipment is designed to produce a high intensity shine on rims, using highly advanced refurbishment procedures. It doesn’t need a full-time operator, and using it, you can offer wheel polishing services to other fleet owners! This way, you will be able to convert your garage into a place of business, adding to your business income and increasing your profits.

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