Month: February 2016

Vehicle Inspection Systems Introduces Wheel Polishing Equipment Trade-In Program

(Orlando, Fla.)- Vehicle Inspection Systems, manufacturers and distributors of the VIS-Polish automated robotic wheel polishing machine, is happy to announce the introduction of a polish equipment trade in program for the VIS-Polish machine.

This new trade in program will allow owners to trade in their existing semi-automated wheel polishing machines for a trade in allowance which will be applied towards the purchase of a new VIS-Polish system. Trade-ins of equipment will be considered regardless of the age and condition of the equipment.

Vice President of Sales and Service, Mark Keegans says “We want this program to target the existing wheel polishing service providers in the industry who have been using semi-automated equipment and show how a fully automated system, like the VIS-Polish machine, can take their business to the next level.”

The differences between semi-automated and VIS-Polish robotic machine is a semi-automated system still requires a full time operator to run the equipment. When switching to the VIS-Polish robotic wheel polishing system, the system does not require a full time operator. This opportunity allows the equipment owner and/or operator to spend less time manually polishing and more time running their business with fast and consistent results.

For more information on this new trade in program, contact Vehicle Inspection Systems at 407-206-3615 ext. 2 to learn how to get started.

Vehicle Inspection Systems to Showcase Work Truck Maintenance Equipment at the 2016 NTEA Work Truck Show

(Indianapolis, Ind.)- The Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS) sales and service team is on the road again! We’re heading back to Indianapolis for the second time this year to exhibit at the 2016 NTEA Work Truck Show. From March 2-4, VIS will be located at booth #508 of the Indiana Convention Center throughout the span of the show.

VIS will be showcasing the VIS-Polish, VIS-Shine, Squirrel: Wheel Safety Device, and will introduce the HD Powersmoke at the show. The VIS-Polish machine refurbishes and polishes aluminum truck wheels to a mirror-like finish, and the VIS-Shine is a portable on-truck wheel polisher. The HD Powersmoke is a new product for VIS that reliably detects any high pressure leak at its exact location saving heavy duty work truck operators and work truck fleets valuable maintenance time.

Vice President of VIS, Mark Keegans, will be setting up meetings and VIS-Polish demos at the booth daily at the Work Truck Show. Keegans says, “Each year we start the new year with a full schedule of trade shows and events. This busy show schedule allows us to keep up the momentum throughout the year and gives us the opportunity to connect and reconnect with current and future customers.”

The annual NTEA Work Truck Show is designed to provide educational sessions followed by a large floor plan of new products that teach customers about the newest products. Stop by booth #508 during the show to see the VIS-Polish and VIS-Shine in action and see how they can help boost productivity and efficiency for your business. For more information on VIS and all its products, visit

Vehicle Inspection Systems Updates VIS-Polish Software to New HR4.0 Version

(Orlando, Fla.)– Vehicle Inspection Systems has launched the first major software update for the VIS-Polish machine titled “HR4.0” in nearly five years. Version HR4.0 is an upgrade from the standard Version 3.2 installed on all polish machines, released 5 years ago. Product Design Manager, Stephen Withington, charged with leading the software update says, “The latest update on the VIS-Polish software was necessary to account for hardware component changes and updates, the functionality and performance of the new HR4.0 software will not differ from the previous version.”

While there have been no changes made to the design and usability of the software, the HR4.0 version features new parameter changes that have been added to reduce the time it takes to run the sand, cut, and color cycles on the VIS-Polish machine making the process more efficient. Vehicle Inspection Systems’ Vice President, Mark Keegans says “The installation of the HR4.0 software and new parameter updates shows VIS’ commitment to providing the best wheel polishing system possible in the industry and continuing to improve the efficiency of the process.”

According to Withington and Keegans, current VIS-Polish machines using existing hardware components will not be affected. “If you are currently running the Version 3.2 software with your VIS-Polish equipment, you will not need to upgrade to the new software. An upgrade may only become necessary when replacement control system hardware is required. For more details, please contact your service manager,” says Withington.

The HR4.0 software will be installed and available in all 2016 VIS-Polish machines and newer. For more information on the new software, contact your VIS Regional Support Manager.

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