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Thanks for Stopping By!

Vehicle Inspection Systems would like to extend a thank you for stopping by our booth at the 2014 SEMA show. We were happy to launch our newest ecommerce site, as well as introduce the Leek-Seeker, The Squirrel, and bring back the VIS-Polish machine. features products exclusive to sanding, cleaning, polishing, and buffing including buff wheels, quick change sanding disks, polishes, and more. Check it out!

Originally developed in Canada, the Leek-Seeker™ system assists in air leaks in tires, truck undercarriages, and more. When sprayed, the Leek-Quid™ fluid will leave lasting and visible bubbles for up to one hour for the user to discover even the smallest air leaks.

Introduced to North America from Australia in August, the Squirrel is a wheel safety device that prevent wheel separation from vehicles by securing loose lug nuts on the wheels. Unlike the detection arrows, the Squirrel physically prevents the loose nuts from coming off the tires instead of only detecting whether the nuts are loose. The Squirrel™ is a great safety tool for Class A vehicles, Buses, RV’s, box trucks, and more. It is available to purchase online for $19.95.

The VIS-Polish machine is an automatic robotic wheel polishing machine tailored to Class A vehicles and bus rims. The machine requires no operator throughout the polishing process and an entire rim will be sanded, polished, and refurbished in just over 1 hour.

Thank you again for stopping by our booth at SEMA! We enjoyed meeting you and we look forward to speaking to you again in the future. For more information on all the products and services above, visit or contacts us at and 1.866.847.8721.

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