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Press Release for Immediate Release


Orlando, FL January 19, 2013 – Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc. of Orlando, FL is pleased to announce they have delivered their second Performance-Based Brake Tester or PBBT to the Tennessee Department of Public Safety, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. The new unit is located at Giles County Weigh Scale, Ardmore, TN.

Better known as the VIS-Check, the system swiftly and accurately performs an “AS-IS” brake performance measurement in relation to the applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation. The system is intended to assist Tennessee’s commercial vehicle inspectors to achieve their mission and goals towards highway safety. The VIS-Check system is mounted in-ground and is equipped with artificial axle loading used to mimic cargo in case a vehicle is presented for inspection in an un-laden condition.

PBBT testing differs from traditional inspection methods by delivering actual, rather than predictive, performance results on a commercial vehicles braking capability. VIS is dedicated to highway safety in North America, to learn more about performance-based brake testing please visit or

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