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Vehicle Inspection Systems Website

Orlando, FL February 21, 2012 – Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc of Orlando, FL is pleased to announce a newly redesigned website for Service Automation, Inspection and Wheel Refurbishing equipment.

The new website,, is easier to navigate and includes more information on the products proudly made in America by Vehicle Inspection Systems. The site is also linked to the new on-line shopping site where genuine consumable supplies, parts and even complete machines can be ordered from the web.

Please visit the new website to discover more about Vehicle Inspection System, learn where to get your truck wheels polished and even check out the new on-line financing application.

Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc is the manufacturer of VIS-Polish Robotic Aluminum Wheel Polishing machines and the VIS-Check Performance Based Brake Tester and Road Simulator machine. VIS products and services help improve safety, productivity and profitability.

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