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Cooperative Advertising Program


Making your advertising dollars go farther

Orlando, FL January 31, 2012 – Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc of Orlando, FL is pleased to announce a new cooperative advertising program for active owners of VIS-Polish and VIS-Check equipment.

The new cooperative advertising program, or coop advertising, allows equipment owners to extend their advertising buying power by sharing the expense with Vehicle Inspection Systems. The simple, easy to manage program, outlined in the attached document, is a win-win for VIS-Polish and VIS-Check owners as well as VIS. Preformatted ads of unique artwork are covered for a variety of media, based on local market and customers to be reached.

Please review the attached program details and contact VIS to begin making your ad dollars go farther.

VIS Coop Advertising 2012

Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc is the manufacturer of VIS-Polish Robotic Aluminum Wheel Polishing machines and the VIS-Check Performance Based Brake Tester and Road Simulator machine. VIS products and services help improve safety, productivity and profitability.

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